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Custom cutter/stamp or Stencil

(Max size for cutter 18 cm/ 7 inches)

Do you have something specific that you need or can't find the right design? then a custom design may be right for you. 


To order please fill in the form including details of what you need and upload an image or drawing with measurements of the design you would like. For multiple shapes please include the sizes and quantities in the description section of the form


*Please note we will not copy another cutter stores design but we may be able to produce something similar.

Please select the correct size, If you purchase a size smaller than the size you request you will be invoiced the difference and it will need to be paid before your order can be processed.


Customization Information:


*Size is determined by the "tallest" or "widest" part of the design.

Please purchase the corresponding size e.g. if you want to purchase a cutter of a bear that's 45mm wide and 80mm tall you would billed for a 80mm cutter, if you wanted to purchase a car that's 100mm wide and 40mm tall you would be billed for a 100mm cutter.


(ALL Custom design cutter sales are Final, NO REFUND )


If you have any questions feel free to ask via live chat or via email

Select what you need:

Thank You / Danki

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